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Recruiting Typesetters, Editors and Translators

Amimaru Translation and Localization Services is a start-up company that translates and typesets manga for Japanese publishers and other companies around the world.

We are currently looking for freelance typesetters to help us with a large manga translation project as well as on occasional smaller projects. We are also looking for JP->EN, JP->KR, JP->CH translators. This is a paid freelance job opportunity.

We require the following:

– You know how to remove Japanese text from a raw image and redraw any missing artwork (Photoshop).

– You have great lettering skills and are familiar with manga / comic lettering (Photoshop / Indesign)

– You are open-minded and willing to improve your skills in response to feedback.

– You are able to deliver at least 200 pages of cleaned and lettered manga per month.

Please send your queries and applications to the following email address:

If you don’t have any previous work samples, that’s fine. We will ask you to complete a manga typesetting test.

We look forward to hearing from you!