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  1. 01
    Quote and Ordering

    All your requests are taken into consideration and a free quote is calculated based on your personal needs. After you are satisfied with our quote, please place your order.

  2. 02
    Submitting materials

    You can send the source materials easily via your web browser to our cloud server. It is also possible to use your preferred file transfering method. We accept all industry-standard file formats. When in doubt, we will be happy to help you to decide which file format to use.

  3. 03

    When quality is a priority, it is important to remove the Japanese text from the Japanese source pages. In addition to speech bubbles and narration, we can remove Japanese sound effects and redraw the original background image. This will greatly improve the reading experience of the translated and lettered page.

  4. 04

    Japanese language is full of unique characteristics, and many expressions and onomatopoeia seen in manga will make little sense to readers unless properly translated. Our goal is to make translations that are intuitive, easy to understand and fully convey the original meaning and nuances to the reader.

  5. 05

    It is important to replicate the artistic feel of the original manga and use fonts and effects that match the original style. This can require a lot of fonts, and to keep your costs in check, we will use only fonts that are free for commercial usage. Special font requests are possible upon request.

  6. 06

    Our editors check the translated and lettered pages before delivery.

  7. 07
    Delivery and Inspection

    Please verify the deliverables and let us know if there are anything that needs to be corrected. If necessary, we can provide you with PDF files where you can directly add your comments and correction requests. After completing the corrections, we will deliver the corrected files to you in the pre-agreed file format.
    Sample images are still being reviewed by the publisher companies. I’ll let you know when I have more information.